A Taste of the Ashram
My intention is to offer
7 nights to experience:

A taste of Ashram life
In line with the Sivananda Ashram life enhancing/changing program I experienced 3 years ago.

Satsang @ 6:00am & 20:00pm
Readings from Sivananda teachings

2x Yoga class a day
All meals

Workshops on:
Ayurveda principles
Ayurveda cookery
Mind set
Positive thinking

1-2-1 session

Personalised program
Deep relaxation

Transfers (In Faro)
Vegan menu
Smoke free
Alcohol free
Digital detox
Lights out at 22:00
Morning wake up at 5:30am
All in a very private, beautiful venue, with very satvic and special energy.

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