Hi I am Claire, my spiritual name is Iswari, I have been practising various styles of yoga since 2000. 

It has saved my life in many ways, as well as improving the quality of my fathers life, at times being his and my only aid during his long battle with cancer.

I have watched as destructive habits have fallen away from me with no struggle, I have felt the mental shift to a clear & positive mind set, I have and continue to both feel & see the physical changes, everyday I am excited to see where yoga will take me, what buried truths it will unveil, what added perspective with clearer meaning, how the grounded repetition is not moving forward but rooting deeper and deeper through my layers.

Yoga is the key to all locks, the answer to all questions, the magnifying glass & first aid kit for life & the only ingredient we truly need to discover pure happiness, whilst living a full & healthy life.

I now want to share the gift of yoga, to help others unlock the tools they already have, to discover their true nature.

My chosen lineage is Sivananda, I completed my 200hours teacher training whilst spending 3 months in the Sivananda Ashram Bahamas. 

I offer a 90min Sivananda class, following the classic structure of Sivananda which begins with some strong pranayama (breathing techniques) to calm, focus and balance the mind, whilst energising the entire body with prana (life force energy) to carry you through the 12 main asanas (held postures) 

In Sivananda yoga there is a big focus on the relaxation between the asanas, to allow the body to absorb the full benefit of the practice. whilst holding each asana & using the breath to relax the body & mind to unlock the magic of yoga. 

The structure of Sivananda is to balance the chackras, moving the energy from the Crown  down through to the root chackra and back to the head. 

I truly have the same passion for helping others, sharing all knowledge I have to share & hunger for continual growth as my gurus, Swami Sivananda & Swami Vishnudevananda. 

The mission statement of Sivananda is 

"Serve, love, give, purify, meditate, realise" 

One of my favourite quotes of Sivananda is 

"An ounce of practise is worth a ton of theory"

I invite you to come and join me on my journey of continual learning & growth,

Have you ever wounded where yoga comes from?

Ever wanted to go a little deeper into your spiritual and physical journey of yoga?

Ever wounded what that means?

Have you heard of an Ashram?

Ever thought about going to visit an Ashram?

Ever wanted to immerse yourself into yogic life & see how it feel's for you?

Are you a little nervous about what to expect?

These are some of the reasons I am hosting

A Taste of The Ashram

It is a 7 Day retreat, in The beautiful Villa Elise Portugal, The villa is surrounded by protected ecological grounds.
The Villa Elise was designed and owned, by the same family for 30 years,
who all have a beautiful spiritual awareness, the grounds have been energetically pinned, in keeping with the ley lines of the earth.
So as you can imagine, there is a very special energy at The Villa Elise.

You wake to the sound of the local cockerel, Morning Satsang on the lower sunrise mediation circle.

Then guided through a full Ashram schedule, the only difference being you WILL have down time in between to rest, study, swim, read, take part in workshops,
option for 1-2-1 on the roof terrace & rejuvenate.

My intention is to give you the opportunity to experience the Ashram
schedule for one week, in familiar surroundings, with free time, to put into practice some of the teachings you will learn,
to immerse yourself into all aspects of the practice of yoga, before committing to the full Ashram experience.

A Taste of The Ashram

September 18th-24th

Drop me a message for full details.

ONLY 4 spaces left

I Claire Alker started yoga-lifeunplugged in 2016.

I endeavour to spread the yoga teachings passed to me, to as many people as possible, in the purest and most organic way I can. 

I will continually aim to make it accessible to all.

I intend to support any existing yoga communities, whilst creating any new ones where needed, to connect the awareness in each other and with the intention to provide continual support for each other as we grow our collective consciousness.